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Cigar Box Ukuleles crafted from new and vintage cigar boxes. Each instrument is a uniquely playable one of a kind work of art

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Our Story

 Our story begins in the early 80's as our Master Builder, Kenny Wayne, was 1st beginning to experiment with building instruments from parts. As the years went on, he found a new love for all things cigar, and after receiving a poorly made cigar box guitar as a gift, he set out to make a higher quality instrument that played and sounded as good as it looked. Kentucky Mojo Cigar Box Ukuleles is the result of those efforts, providing unique, high quality instruments for the working musician and novice alike.


The Kentucky Mojo Difference

We pride ourselves on crafting a quality instrument while keeping the integrity of the artwork on the box we are using. From our Kentucky Mojo exclusive shadowbox soundhole designs, to the aged antique parts we match with our vintage box builds, every aspect is carefully designed to create a unique, one of a kind masterpiece! 

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our builds. Period. If you don't think it's as amazing as we do within the 1st 90 days (we never sell any instrument that we are not proud to have our name on) we will gladly  refund your money... and tell everybody it wasn't you, it was us. If you encounter any problems due to workmanship, we will correct the issue or create a new build for you if we can not repair it. 

* This does not include normal wear and tear, abuse, or condition due to age of the box.



Angel of The Eclipse



October 1, 2017 · 

I've had my cigar box ukulele for a month now and this is no novelty item, but rather a high quality instrument. The sound quality is bright and crisp with a little more full body sound when the back of the box is not resting on your belly. The action and intonation is perfect and stays in tune throughout a session. Besides being a high quality instrument this ukulele is a beauty and a unique piece of art. If you're considering purchasing one, I promise, you won't be disappointed."

Big AF

Karen Kiser reviewed Ky Mojo - Cigar Box Ukuleles — 5 star
September 16, 2017 · 
My Big Al cigar box


September 16, 2017 · 

My Big Al cigar box uke is a beautiful instrument. It is tempting to display as a piece of art. I intend to play this uke too. It has a gorgeous tone. The service and personal attention was also appreciated.



Steve Johnson of Alabama Shakes to Ky Mojo - Cigar Box Ukuleles

December 2018

"This thing plays like butter. I was writing a song and grabbed my Ky Mojo Ukulele cause it was the closest thing in reach, and was blown away by how well it plays and holds tune... I can see us passing this around on the tour bus!"

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