Backstage with Sundance Head

We caught up with NBC's "The Voice" season 11 winner, Sundance Head, backstage on his 2018 tour. Here's what he had to say about Kentucky Mojo.....

Backstage with Matthew West

We caught up backstage with Matthew West on his 2018 tour. He was happy to jam for us on his new Kentucky Mojo Cigar Box Ukulele You can see our build hanging up on Matthew West's wall in his studio , ready to go at a moments notice!

'Come on Christmas' - Matthew West

Check out the end of the video when Matthew West grabs his Kentucky Mojo Cigar Box Ukulele and jams on the sofa while his family decorates the tree... this same ukulele now hangs in his home studio and writing space!

Honorable Mentions

Kelly Clarkson Tweeted that Kentucky Mojo Cigar Box Ukuleles are "RAD!". So it's official!

We're 'Kelly Clarkson Rad'

Kelly Clarkson Tweeted that Kentucky Mojo Cigar Box Ukuleles are "RAD!"... so it's official!

Nikki Sixx loves our work!

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue loves our work!


Sundance Head backstage at The Grand Ole Opry

We met Sundance Head at his inaugural performance at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville to give him his Ky Mojo Cigar Box Ukulele.

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